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ABSG | Voice/Video over IP (VoIP) - Advanced Business Solutions Group Advanced Business Solutions Group

ABSG | Voice/Video over IP (VoIP)

How does your business handle its telecommunications? Are you still using regular phone lines?  Are you paying too much?  What are the capabilities of your phone system? Can it grow with your growing business?

Advanced Business Solution Group specializes in creating custom digital PBX telephone systems that are computer controlled and managed.    The possibilities are endless in creating your office phone system.  We can set extension #’s for all your phones in the office, and even place an extension at your home.  From the comfort of your own home you can dial any extension in your office without tieing up any telephone lines. Our creative approach to creating telephone systems are saving our clients hundreds of dollars a month in telephone bill costs.

We are also capable of creating custom interactive menus and call queues, setting up company wide voicemail systems with boxes for all your employees. Voicemails can even be automatically emailed and sent to users mobile phones.   With our custom database application services we are even capable of creating a phone application where you clients can call in and check their account balance or pay for services using an automated system.

We’ve also created systems that recognize the caller ID of the incoming caller and automatically pulls up the client record on the custom database application before the call is even answered allowing the employee quick access to the information they need to assist the caller.

The possibilities are truly endless with Advanced Business Solutions Group, Inc.

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