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ABSG | Server Management - Advanced Business Solutions Group Advanced Business Solutions Group

ABSG | Server Management

Do you simply have the need to share documents across the office?  Or do you need an enterprise solution allowing Remote Desktop Terminal Services?  Big or small project, Advanced Business Solutions Group, Inc. takes care of it all.

Technologies are constantly evolving, and Advanced Business Solutions Group is always right there.  We are pioneers on the edge of new technology.  Our developers are busy working today on tomorrows technologies.

If you have the need for 10 employees working on PC’s in your office then you could benefit from virtualization services.  Start your companies private in-house cloud today!  Instead of spending over $500 on each PC you could spend a fraction on that on thin-clients that use 73% less energy.   These thin-clients communicate to your server which runs all the applications.  There is no need for updating any hardware or software on the employee thin-clients, because it’s all centrally managed on your server.  Your employees will see no difference, as it appears as they are using a regular PC.  Your employees can even access their desktop from their home computer or laptop.  Having all your PC’s centrally managed makes it easy to have your data backed up.

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